How Live Streaming Will Change the Face of Philanthropy

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VisionSpring is an international social enterprise that works to ensure affordable access to eyewear, everywhere. Last week, Kirsten Bunch, Senior Development Officer at VisionSpring, took to Periscope to live stream her field visit to one of VisionSpring’s vision camps in Tangail, Bangladesh. Viewers were able to watch a woman get tested and receive reading glasses for the first time in her life. VisionSpring was founded on a very basic principle: “If you can’t see, you can’t work.” That principle came to life for me in less than three minutes of watching its stream. It also felt very different than the traditional nonprofit video typically produced for annual fundraising events and galas. This video was raw, imperfect, blurry but it still made me feel like I was there. Life can be messy and spontaneous and these elements are present in these streams, making them relatable and highly watchable. – Caroline Avakian, The Huffington Post