Carl Malamud Asks YouTube To Institute Three Strikes Policy For Those Who Abuse Takedowns

logo: Techdirt

Last week, [TechDirt] wrote about Boston public television station WGBH issuing a bogus takedown on some public domain (government created) video that Carl Malamud had uploaded to YouTube. That doesn’t look like an automated takedown, but rather someone working for WGBH’s legal team who just decided that anything with “American Experience” in a title must be infringing. Malamud has now published the letter that he sent YouTube, about the whole situation. It includes some more details concerning the insulting manner in which WGBH’s legal team, Susan Kantrowitz and Eric Brass, handled the situation, including Brass telling Malamud that this wasn’t a big deal because deleting this “particular film” was not that important. – Mike Masnick, Techdirt