TiVo’s 4K-ready, commercial skipping Bolt hints at the future

photo: TiVo, Engadget

TiVo Bolt will replace the base Roamio (and eventually the Plus), as a 4-tuner DVR that also works for OTA or just streaming TV. For those who prefer six tuners and a larger built-in hard drive, the Roamio Pro will stick around, but it doesn’t have the Bolt’s 4K or new features. Bolt loses the old analog video outputs and offers only an HDMI port — no breakout cable either — which shouldn’t be a problem in 2015, but is worth knowing. It […] With “SkipMode” TiVo drops in a feature featured its old competitor ReplayTV, […] when you’re watching a recorded program, a green icon will pop up and prompt you to hit the “D” button to skip commercials. […], but there are some limitations. TiVo is managing this by basically having people watch the programs on certain networks and mark where the actual show begins and the commercials end. […] The only bad news? SkipMode is not being ported back to older DVRs, but it should work on the Mini (as long as it’s connected to a Bolt.) – Richard Lawler, Engadget