AT&T Testing Wireless Home Broadband In At Least 4 States

photo: Jetsetpress/Flickr, Consumerist

WLL [Wireless Local Loop] customers get a dedicated receiver and antenna in their homes that connect wirelessly to nearby AT&T towers. […] FierceWireless reports that testing of WLL has begun in parts of at least four states — Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Virginia — and that users there are reporting seeing data speeds of 15-25Mbps. […] Most home broadband plans include data limits of at least 250GB a month. AT&T’s largest LTE data plan tops out at 50GB and costs $350. That’s $7.50 per gigabyte. The company can’t charge anywhere near that amount — or, conversely, try to limit use to only a few gigabytes per month — and hope to win over the 13 million home broadband subscribers it said it would try to reach. – Chris Morran, The Consumerist