AT&T blasts cable mergers, says cable companies should compete instead

photo: Paramount/CBS, Ars Technica

[T]he National Cable & Telecommunications Association responded to AT&T with this statement: “AT&T recently merged with DirecTV to become the largest pay TV provider in the United States. So it is an amazing act of hubris to see them implore the government to help them diminish the effectiveness of a competitor, disparagingly citing actions that are common, pro-consumer or purely imaginary. Having long criticized others for making sweeping, vague, industry-wide allegations in the context of its own mergers, it is precious to see them employing the same self-serving tactic against others. Undoubtedly, the FCC will see AT&T’s action for what it is, a flimsy ad hominem attack to advance its own commercial interests.” – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica