Plex’s Grand Plans to Become the Center of Your Cord Cutting Life

While PLEX is quick to point to legal sources like over-the-air DVR’d TV shows and movies, it takes just a few seconds on Google and YouTube to find detailed guides on turning Plex into a pirate’s best friend. Naturally, the company disavows piracy, but to pretend it doesn’t exist on the platform is naive, especially when mainstream publications like The Verge describe piracy as the “Apple TV’s killer app” and mention Plex specifically in the same breath. “Our goal long-term is to add more and more awesome and legitimate content into the system over time,” [CEO Keith Valory] said. “The fact that Plex can be used for things that it shouldn’t be used for is a fact,” he admitted, but stressed that it won’t be an issue for the company in the future. – Nicholas Deleon, MOTHERBOARD