mNectar’s new Spectra streaming network turns ads into playable games

mNectar came up with unique way to get players to view ads on mobile by creating playable segments of games that could be streamed directly to users. No downloads were necessary just to try out a game. Now mNectar is announcing Spectra, a cross-platform app-streaming network. […] More than 200 mobile games currently use the Spectra platform, which has streamed millions of playable ads already. As of today, mNectar’s Spectra technology can stream the entire app library of the mobile ecosystem, including Google Play and Apple App Store, giving users the opportunity to sample far beyond their current portfolio. Because of the problems associated with downloads, users install around 10 apps a month but end up deleting 90 percent of them, [CEO Wally Nguyen] said. – Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat