Napster founder is making a day-and-date movie release service

If it sees the light of day, it’ll cost you $150 to buy the set-top box that transmits movies the same day they come out in the theaters. Every title will be available for you to watch within a 48-hour period, but you’ll have to pay $50 every time you view it. Steep, but at least you can watch movies in peace, without screaming kids and loud adults in the background. Plus, there’s a reason they plan to charge that much. […] in order to convince studios and theaters to get on board, Parker and Akkaraju are offering them a lion’s share of the per-view fee. They even plan to give you two movie tickets for every title you pay for, so cinemas can earn from concession sales. After everyone else gets their cuts, the Screening Room takes its $5 commission. – Mariella Moon, Engadget