Sean Parker’s streaming service will change movies, and theaters can’t stop it

The ambiguity makes sense; ultimately studios have to chase the money, whether that means defiantly sticking with theaters or supporting some hybrid option. What they know they can’t do is stick their heads in the sand the same way the music business did, and for that reason alone it was J.J. Abrams who delivered the most honest comments of the conference. Receiving CinemaCon’s Showman of the Year award at the opening-night presentation, he took the stage clearly knowing that his support for The Screening Room needed to be addressed. And while he celebrated the benefits of the theatrical experience — “There is nothing better than going to the movies, and there never will be” — he also nodded to the inevitability of technological progress, stating that “We have to adapt” if the industry at large was going to remain viable. – Bryan Bishop, The Verge