Why TV Industry Fears Spread of Millennials’ Viewing Habits (Guest Blog)

photo: The Wrap

Traditional TV is king for Americans as a whole, but that is not the case for all age groups. Our research shows that millennials (age 18-35) watch significantly less traditional TV than do older non-millennials. Non-millennials (those over 35) watch almost 2.5 times more traditional TV than millennials do (32 percent vs. 13 percent). Rather than watch TV, millennials are much more active with OTT services, spending 20 percent of their media consumption on OTT services (vs. just 9 percent for older non-millennials) and 12 percent on video games (vs. 7 percent for older non-millennials; apparently Candy Crush is still quite popular with boomers). – Dan Schechter, L.E.K. Consulting via The Wrap