Why are so many great black TV shows missing from streaming services?

So what might turn African Americans into more regular streaming service users? The answer, Horowitz Research found, was content that feels like it’s created for black audiences. Twenty-eight percent of African American respondents said they “regularly watch programming that keeps them connected to Black culture.” Thirty-six percent regularly tune into channels that are aimed at black audiences. Sixty percent of black respondents said that having a mainly multicultural cast was a big plus for them when it came to deciding what to watch; 58 percent said that a mainly black cast was a significant draw; and 45 percent of African American respondents said that story lines that explicitly address race were appealing to them. In other words, if streaming services want black consumers’ money, they have a ready-made solution: Get the streaming rights to preexisting shows about black characters, or greenlight more shows like them. – Alyssa Rosenberg, Washington Post