Hulu calls for advertiser ‘bill of rights’ as streaming service moves into live streaming

Many media agencies and marketer dislike how they are charged for video ads, often after just a few seconds rather than if the ad is completed. “I know many of you have concerns about adblocking, low viewability, fraud and other issues that conspire against ad effectiveness,” [Mike Hopkins] said. “A recent GroupM report even went on to question the integrity of digital advertising as a whole. This is not the case on Hulu. On Hulu you have rights and I want to call them the Hulu advertisers’ bill of rights. You have a right to transact on viewability and we lead the industry in verified metrics. You have a right to market in a brand safe environment.” Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins told the room that 2015 was the year when Hulu “broke out” and pushed how it was making a number of key content decisions. – Nic Christensen, mUmBRELLA