Woody Allen Has Finished His Amazon Series, But Reveals Why He Won’t Return To TV

“It was much harder to do than I thought. I thought, ‘I’ll sandwich this in between two films and knock it off. What’s the big deal? It’s teleĀ­vision,'” confessed the filmmaker. “But over the years, television has made enormous strides, and wonderful things are being done on television. And I found as soon as I started to get into the project, I couldn’t bring myself to slough it off because this is not television of 50 years ago, where every silly thing was acceptable. You’re working in a medium that has grown up and has got wonderful things being done in it, and, yes, you may prove to be an embarrassment, but you don’t want to be a total embarrassment.” – Woody Allen via Liz Calvario, Indiewire http://ift.tt/1ZjgX5m