AT&T acquires video streaming platform Quickplay to power its streaming TV services

AT&T announced this morning that it will acquire Quickplay Media, a video streaming platform that powers over-the-top video and “TV Everywhere” services that help its customers stream their video content to any device, including mobile phones. Deal terms were not disclosed, but the two already had an existing relationship. […] Quickplay serviced a number of other customers besides AT&T including Verizon and HOOQ, a joint venture between Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, and the Singtel Group. The company in the past had worked on other streaming services like one which brought TV shows to Blackberry, as well as Qualcomm’s FLO TV. […] AT&T says that Quickplay will continue to serve its existing global customer base, which as of last summer reached a billion addressable viewers, the company had said at the end of its fiscal year. It had also then claimed 44 percent year-over-year growth, 65 percent year-over-year gain in video-on-demand hours, and 25 percent growth in linear over-the-top channels. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch