CatchPlay Launches Streaming Service in Indonesia Amid Land Grab

[T]here are only 5.5 million fixed broadband users in the country, and the infrastructure is insufficient to provide for the growth of the OTT market, he said. But the number of mobile broadband users will be close to 90 million by the end of 2016, according to [Vivek Couto,Media Partners Asia]. […] CatchPlay thinks the key to entering the Indonesian market is to find the right partner, in their case the telecommunications giant Telkom Indonesia, which is the top IPTV service provider in Indonesia. Over the past nine months, it has reached 1.6 million subscribers for its IPTV service, [CEO Daphne Yang] explains. As was evident in the blocking of Netflix at the beginning of the year in Indonesia due to content deemed inappropriate by Telkom, the telecommunications giant holds the power in the bargain. – Karen Chu, The Hollywood Reporter