Hollywood Studios File Suit Against Service Streaming $1 Movies

VidAngel insists that it is not a “rental” service — a few year ago, an upstart called Zediva tried that — because it was selling physical DVD and Blu-ray discs. But the Hollywood studios look at VidAngel providing streams of whatever customers purchase and don’t see any distinction. And because of Hollywood’s windowing system, VidAngel’s model means that a film released on physical but not digital channels becomes available on the latter. The company specifically advertises that many of its films aren’t yet on Netflix. – Eriq Gardner The Hollywood Reporter http://ift.tt/24FIwYh

One comment

  • Our family loves VidAngel and pray the lawsuit is thrown out and sets a presidency for the remaining family values our nation still has. Our families need to have protective options. Raising a family in these lawless days is hard enough! We implore Hollywood Studios to reconsider their lawsuit against VidAngel and instead assist us in making our homes, as we desire, a sanctuary.from the chaos, lack of self control and declining morality.