Netflix Has Jumped Into The After Show Game With ‘Stranger Things’

The pun-free after show can be found on Netflix’s YouTube page. Technically, this is Netflix’s first official after show, but if you know where to look, Netflix has been promoting after shows about its content for a while. The Netflix US & Canada YouTube page currently showcases five different after shows for four of its originals series — two for Orange is the New Black (Seasons One and Four) and one for Grace and Frankie (Season One), Narcos (Season One), and now Stranger Things, respectively. Besides the Stranger Things After Show, these web-series have all been created in partnership with AfterBuzz TV, a web-series site that offers reviews for over 350 shows. However, at least from a branding perspective, the Stranger Things After Show is completely separate from AfterBuzz TV. – Kayla Cobb, Decider