Verizon data overages, other charges hit Florida mom for $9,100

For months, the mother of two from suburban Tampa paid $118 a month for her cellphone package that included 4 gigabytes of data, which she says she never exceeded. That changed last month when Verizon charged her with using an eye-gouging 569 gigabytes for a whopping $8,535. The company tacked on $600 when she dropped the plan. […] Like [Valarie Gerbus]’ last bill from Verizon is a consumer’s horror story that stands out, based on its outrageous spike. But across the country, thousands of cellphone users reported soaring data usages and hefty over-limit fees. The complaints began multiplying after The Plain Dealer reported Friday how the company has billed customers for jumps in data fees. Many customers, however, say they have done nothing different as far as their usage. – John Caniglia, The Plain Dealer via