Nielsen Music Study: Streaming Usage Up, Hispanics Dominate Live Attendance

In its annual “Music 360” survey of over 3,500 consumers, Nielsen found that in terms of share, respondents preferred radio to deliver their music 27 percent of the time. Listeners also said their digital collections get 20 percent and physical collections around 10 percent. But the survey also found that streaming in all its various formats surpasses radio if you combine them: listeners pegged on-demand services (Spotify/Apple Music, etc.) at 12 percent, programmed audio (Pandora) at 11 percent, streaming video (YouTube) at 10 percent and streaming live radio (iHeartRadio, TuneIn) at 4 percent. All told, respondents said they were using streaming media to listen to music 37 percent of the time versus 27 percent for traditional radio and a combined 30 percent for their own music collections. – Marc Schneider, Billboard