What Marvel’s New Plans Tell Us About DAREDEVIL Season 3 | Nerdist

The fact that both Kingpin and Bullseye are getting their own comics is surprising, as Marvel doesn’t do a lot of books with villains as the leading characters. It also implies that both Bullseye and Kingpin will have a role in Daredevil season three. (It’s been expected that Vincent D’Onofrio would be back for the third season, as he often speaks about how much he enjoys playing Wilson Fisk.) Bullseye was a curious omission from the Daredevil show, because he’s one of the title character’s most iconic adversaries. It’s hard to imagine Marvel greenlighting a new Bullseye comic if it didn’t have a heads up that the TV division already had plans for him. – Blair Marnell, Nerdist http://ift.tt/2eZaIEw