YouTube filmmaking duo Sneaky Zebra on shooting their incredible cosplay music videos

Their production is simple: “Most conventions we will spend about 85% of the time wandering around, looking for cosplayers to film with,” Acott explained. “If it’s someone we’ve not met before then we explain what we do.” Several years into their work, he noted that they also talk with the costumers about the poses they do in their costumes, and use the camera to “incorporate some movement into it.” Once they collect their raw footage, they talk through what material works with the music they selected for the video, and work to match the two up. Scullion then sets about editing in Avid Media Composer. [Nick Acott, Sneaky Zebra] noted that they’ll sometimes add in some visual effects, such as lightsaber blades, but their main goal is to turn the video around quickly, in one to two days. – Andrew Liptak, The Verge