5 best sites for streaming free anime online

[GoGoAnime] Much like its counterparts, GoGoAnime offers an extensive library, ranging from classic series to the latest releases. Though the website’s layout leaves much to be desired—users can quickly become lost in its sea of titles—the content more than makes up for the lack of design. From ongoing series, to Japan’s newest shows, GoGoAnime promises it’s the world’s largest free anime site. Like its counterparts, the site enables users to explore the latest manga offerings, however, clicking the link will automatically transfer readers to GoGoAnime’s sister site, MangaBB, which might seem inconvenient. But don’t worry—it’s worth the trip. MangaBB makes accessing all available installments and chapters incredibly easy, while the large images speed up the reading process overall. – Anna Papachristos, The Daily Dot http://ift.tt/2f6159Z