Even If You Have A Smart TV, You Still Need A Separate Streaming Device

Smart TVs often tout their ability to tap into Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and… well… that’s often just about it. The reason: It takes a lot of work to make the deals needed to go way down that long tail, and TV manufacturers are often too busy assembling their sets to meet with niche content providers. “You’d have to have a pretty significant staff to go and negotiate with the WWE or NFL Network to get it on your TV,” Chris Larson, vice president of sales and marketing for TCL TV (which uses Roku’s streaming software in its TVs in lieu of developing its own streaming platform) told me. On top of that, there’s little incentive for streaming services without a ton of resources to develop for a dozen TV manufacturers’ non-compatible platforms—especially if each platform only has a small fraction of the audience of Apple TV. – Seth Porges, Forbes http://ift.tt/2g8xBER