Netflix Preps Reality TV Push: Rivals “Should Be Scared Out of Their Minds”

The biggest allure is Netflix’s focus on straight-to-series orders, bypassing what has increasingly led to a challenging development process elsewhere. “What too often happens at the cable networks is you get a first development step that might lead to a second development step, which might lead to a pilot, and then, guess what? In that six- to nine-month period, the mandate and the exec team have changed,” bemoans ITV America CEO Brent Montgomery, who sold a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy reboot (with a new Fab Five) to Netflix. Lyle, now president of production company trade group PactUS, echoes that frustration: “Netflix isn’t going to demand a year option while they give you $20K and tell you to make a sizzle reel that they expect you to spend $60K putting together, the way too many cable networks do.” – Lacey Rose, The Hollywood Reporter