Simple.TV goes dark

Simple Cover Image

The Company announces that service will be shut down on August 5th. – Michael Whay, Streaming-TV

Unfortunately, we are unable to move the company forward or continue to operate the services required to keep our systems online. This means that you will no longer be able to record or play content using your Simple.TV device.” The company continues in the statement.

It was a long bumpy road, but in the end it looks like Simple.TV just couldn’t survive being mired down and eventually washed out by a crowded market.

Sadly it’s no a surprise to this writer (and owner of a 1st gen model). I once reported in February of 2015 when the company went silent after a failed behind-the-scenes software implementation ended up costing users the service they paid for, only to reemerge over a year later with nothing to say about the breach of service. Personally I was hoping matters like this were over and Simple.TV had a future. But with no other devices coming out and more and more buzz was surrounding TiVo’s entrance into the cord-cutting market. It just seemed it was a matter of time.

Simple.TV entered the market back in 2012.  At the time devices for cord cutters was unimaginable. With no shortage of detractors that would claim that the market either didn’t exist or was too small to be of any profit. “The term “cord cutter” hadn’t been coined yet, but we (all of us) were part of the vanguard, looking for an alternative to the expensive, and limited, options available to us. Today, I’m happy to say, broadcast TV is starting to arriving on streaming devices through a new wave of over-the-top services and hardware DVRs have implemented great features to deliver your favorite streaming services to your TV.” wrote Simple.TV in their announcement.

But not only were cord-cutters undeserved but so was the DVR market itself. At the time stand alone models were even rarer. And anyone with DVR service was either renting from their TV provider or was using a TiVo.  A device that would live stream your Over the Air channels plus record them to your own hard drive was a game changer. No longer did you have a time limit on your content, a feature that’s basically standard today.

Simple.TV’s mark on the streaming industry shouldn’t be undercut, While the company may be calling it quits, It is directly responsible for the options you have today.  If you own a Tablo, Roamio, or any DVR that doesn’t require a rental fee then you have Simple.TV to thank.

Happy Trails Simple.TV you will be missed.