The SVOD graveyard: 5 services that have already bitten the dust amid the streaming revolution

AMAZON’S ANIME STRIKE: Amazon announced earlier this month that it was liquidating its anime SVOD channel, along with the Bollywood-focused Heera, and putting all the content in the general population of its Amazon Prime Video platform. Launched only a year ago, Anime Strike secured licensing rights to much of 2017’s most acclaimed anime titles, including “Inuyashiki,” “Princess Principal” and “Made In Abyss.” But Strike found itself in a competitive market for SVOD anime. Not only do large, general entertainment platforms like Netflix and Hulu stock it, but there were better entrenched specialty offerings like Crunchyroll to contend with. Also, on top of their $99-a-year Amazon Prime subscription, Anime Strike users had to pay $5 a month, giving the channel what was, in effect, a double pay wall. – Daniel Frankel, FierceCable