Broadband Genie survey sees piracy as the frontrunner in the looming Streaming War

In a blog posted by Broadband Genie this morning, the UK company surveyed it’s traffic to see how likely visitor’s would turn to piracy as more and more services are introduced to the market. Not surprisingly, the concept is far from taboo. – Michael Whay, Streaming-TV

37% would consider illegal sources instead of paying if streaming service fragmentation continues to grow. And 60% of them would consider paying for a VPN to hide their identity. – Alex Tofts

Which once put piracy on the decline is now set to bring it back. A flood of new services are being released in the US, but the UK will only see Apple+ in November and Disney+ sometime in 2020. With no announced dates for Hulu nor HBO Max. So it’s not a surprise that potential customers in the UK would circumvent content redtape with a VPN or just turn to a grey source all together. With even a favorable market, the average consumer is still looking at more options that can be afforded.

Broadband Genie’s post paints a conclusion that the average consumer will seek more cost effective methods as the streaming wars heat up. And so far piracy is emerging as the frontrunner.

[source/photo:Broadband Genie]