UPDATE: The (Legal) Battle of Axanar

The Star Trek fan film that was once sued and then settled with CBS. Is now in hot water once again, with CBS filing a “Notice of Breach” against the production . – Michael Whay, Streaming-TV

With only days away from shooting, CBS has thrown the yellow flag on the production. As shared by Axanar’s Facebook page.

It seems that the IP holder does not see enough separation in film’s crowdfunded sound stage; Ares Studio (named after the USS Ares of the initial film). Which is used for the shooting of fan films, much less holds the bridge set. And the upcomming sequel to the Prelude to Axanar.

Its unknown right now if this will halt shooting, stay tuned for any updates.

Updated: 10pm EST Axanar has updated its orginal post. With the following note.

[photo: Axanar Productions/Axanar Facebook]