Quibi Now Sued By Eko For Tech “Theft”; Comes 1 Day After Jeffrey Katzenberg Streamer Filed Their Own Suit

Going into great detail in the suit of ex-Snapchat staffers who moved over to Quibi and are alleged to have brought the notion of the turnstyle tech with them after an Eko demonstration, the plaintiffs today also claimed again that they filed for a patent for the horizontal-to-vertical video technology in 2015. They say that Quibi did not file for a patent covering the same technology until May 2019, which Eko said came after “a confidential demo by Eko of the technology to key Quibi top executives, including some of Quibi’s so-called patent inventors and Quibi chairman and founder Jeffrey Katzenberg.” – Dominic Patten, Deadline Hollywood » https://ift.tt/2IzZx4j