So Long and Thanks for all the fish!

Photo: Orin Zebest/Flickr

It’s with regret I’m announcing Streaming-TV will be shutting down.

To catch everyone up. Several days ago without any clear reason Facebook decided to unpublish the Streaming-TV Facebook page for some unknown Community Guideline strike.

This was this site’s orginal home and pretty much main street. Orginally established in 2013, when streaming was a new technology. And news stories on streaming were rare.

The orginal Streaming-TV logo

Unfortunately this has been one of several losses of social media connections. During the shutdown the application this site used to simultaneously post to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and ect called: IFTTT went subscription. Honestly it couldn’t have come at a worst time.

So using the remaining free “recipes” of IFTTT I was left with sharing photos, links and posts only to Facebook.

Thinking that maybe this has all been a strange fluke I attempted yesterday to restore the orginal S-TV Facebook and without even completing it was unplublished a 2nd time.

Facebook Squashes S-TV

So pretty much tells me that someone (or some bot) somewhere wants this page down. And whats worse I cannot even change my format and move to video under my old name. Which is truly frustrating. And without any social media connections this page is virtually silenced now.

S-TV was started only as story aggregator on Streaming Television. I long wanted to expand. In my work life being a IATSE tech it gave me insight on production and technology. That I could use to share stories and information with as much hype and spin removed. My quote, author and tag style was meant to give proper credit to who broke the story and not just rewrite someone else’s work. Like so many blogs. And not to ruffle any legal feathers (least I thought).

And meanwhile I had been saving for the creation of a small video studio. Never resorting crowd funding, thinking I would make a terrible e-begger. But then, the shutdown happened…

Personally I wasn’t going to let being stuck at home get me down. I used the time and the training my job gives me access too, to get a little bit closer to my studio goals.

S-TV studio in a box!

So this is truly frustrating to have so many years pulled from under my feet. Especially when I was so close.

The brightside, S-TV will not be completly dead. As of right now, The group that was attached to the orginal Facebook page: Streaming-TV Community is still functional and going. I plan on continuing to post there. Hopefully you will come and join.

And being this close to my studio goals I won’t let this setback be my last thing. So while this incarnation may be over, it won’t be the last.

For everyone that liked or followed the S-TV pages for all these years. Know that I appreciate you so very much, you really have no idea. Seeing all the bloggers, creators, coders, editors, authors, representatives, company insiders along with so so many of you follow the orginal page really made what I was doing worth it.

Thank you all. I hope to see you again real soon.

– Michael Whay, Content Editor & Creator of Streaming-TV

S-TV Logo