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Poker-playing Twitch star dies after being electrocuted in bathroom

According to Russian state media reports, via the Evening Standard, 26-year-old Liliya Novikova, aka Liay5 on Twitch, was discovered by a neighbor in her Moscow apartment after her parents couldn’t reach her by phone. – Josh Katzowitz, The Daily Dot »

Id Software built a framework to make streaming video games better

Bethesda is jumping on the cloud-gaming train with Orion, a software collection that optimizes game engines for streaming. Essentially, Orion is designed to make games run better on platforms like Google’s Stadia or Microsoft’s xCloud. It works with any game and any platform, lowering latency by up to 20 percent per frame and reducing bandwidth demands by as much as 40 percent. – Jessica Conditt, Engadget »

YouTube Teams With Game Awards Creator for E3 Live Stream

E3 Live will begin broadcasting at 10 a.m. PT from a custom-built studio at L.A. Live and feature gameplay demos and interviews with game developers at this year’s convention, including a one-on-one interview between Keighley and Google’s Phil Harrison at 11:30 a.m. PT to discuss the tech company’s Stadia game-streaming platform. – Patrick Shanley, The Hollywood Reporter »

Google Unveils Game Roster, Price Point for Stadia Streaming Service

Harrison also dug into the details of the new platform, such as its 4k video quality streaming for users with an internet connection of 35 mbps. Stadia will have its own controller, but the service will also support third-party game controllers. The Stadia controller will be connected directly to the streaming service, which Harrison said was “key” to seamless gameplay. – Patrick Shanley, The Hollywood Reporter »

How Streamers are Expanding Interactive Storytelling in a Post-‘Bandersnatch’ World

Netflix is far from the only content provider testing the interactive TV waters. Last year, Steven Soderbergh’s HBO series “Mosaic” also allowed viewers change the course of its murder mystery via a mobile app; Sony and Eko took a more comedic approach with “That Moment When,” in which watchers used their laptops to help a woman navigate her awkward young adult life; and Legendary’s streaming network Alpha had “Orbital Redux,” a live sci-fi series that allowed its viewers to make plot and dialogue decisions in real-time. – Christi Carras, Variety »
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