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Plex media streaming app arrives on PlayStation 3 and 4, U.S. launch slightly delayed

PLEX landed on the Xbox One in October, and now it’s time for the popular media streaming platform to come to the PlayStation 3 and 4. Rejoice Plex fans! …If you live in Europe or Asia, that is, since Plex hasn’t hit PlayStation consoles in the U.S. just yet. Plex says the new PlayStation app will launch stateside soon, but there’s no firm date right now. […] But Plex’s arrival doesn’t mean the platform is expanding into other Playstation devices. Plex, the company, says it has no plans to develop for the PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV, which have different software platforms. – Ian Paul,TechHive
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PlayStation Unleashes Its Game Streaming Service on North America | Game|Life

PlayStation Now enters open beta today, allowing all PlayStation 4 owners in selected areas to try the gaming on demand service. Pull up the menu, choose from 100 different PlayStation 3 games like The Last of Us and Ultra Street Fighter IV, and you’ll begin playing them instantly, no download required; the games are running on Gaikai’s servers miles away from your console. […] But for now, PlayStation Now isn’t Netflix. It’s more like pay-per-view. There’s no subscription service where you pay a flat monthly fee and access a library of all-you-can-stream titles. […] For now, it’s à la carte pricing: You choose a game, then pay anywhere from $2 to $20 to “rent” it for a few hours or a few weeks. When PlayStation Now’s closed beta version introduced these prices in June, the word of the day was “insane.” – Chris Kohler, WIRED