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3D TV Is Dead. Let’s Hope Smart TV Is Next.

CES 2015 is the year of 4K. TV makers have finally ditched the gimmicks and are simply pumping out big, beautiful televisions that produce big, beautiful images. We’re back to TV 101: Make the picture better and make it affordable. This is good! But where LG, Samsung USA, Sharp, Sony, and others excel at all that quantum dot, pixel splitting, color gamut stuff, their “smart” TV software sucks. It’s so bad in fact, that we’re actually shocked when we see a new TV OS that isn’t terrible. […] The best 4K TV you can buy is still just a dumb one—with lots and lots of HDMI ports. Because of the way streaming entertainment has evolved, any television can become a “smart” television if you want it to. It’s called Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV, or Fire Stick, or Nexus Player, or Apple TV, or PS4, or Xbox one, and on and on. – Darren Orf, Gizmodo

IMAX Announces a Dual 65mm 4K Digital 3K Camera, Fully Integrated & Michael Bay Tested « No Film…

This new camera is a true 4K stereo camera, meaning that both the left eye and the right eye images are captured at full 4K resolution, but how does the resolution of this digital camera compare with IMAX’s 15perf/65mm film cameras, ones known for being the highest resolution cameras in the world? – V Renée, No Film School http://ift.tt/1qJ7Gmv