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FCC Chair: Streaming That Doesn’t Count Against Data Caps Is “Innovative” And “Highly Competitive”

The commission has opened its process to consider whether they should consider data caps when they report on Americans’ broadband access in the future, but that decision and any future reports that result from it are months if not years away. However, when Wheeler was asked directly about it in a press conference after this month’s regular FCC open meeting, he said he saw a lot of good in it. “It is clear in the Open Internet order that we are pro-competition and pro-innovation,” said Tom Wheeler, “and clearly, this meets both of those criteria. It is highly innovative and highly competitive.” – Kate Cox, The Consumerist

T-Mobile snuck in a huge price hike to unlimited data without telling anyone

photo: The Verge

T-Mobile will now charge $45 for unlimited data, up from $30. That means the total cost of the carrier’s “Simple Choice” plan including unlimited data will be $95 for a single line. In exchange, T-Mobile says it’s doubling the amount of data customers can use when turning their smartphone into a mobile hotspot, from 7GB to 14GB, and will give away a free movie rental from VUDU once a month starting next year. The change takes effect on November 15th, but current unlimited data plan owners are exempt. – Nick Statt, The Verge

Verizon trots out analyst to say unlimited data is bad for customers

Monthly data limits can help prevent congestion, to a point. But as we’ve previously explained, caps are less effective than other methods because they impose limits even when users aren’t in congested areas or using the network at peak usage times. Carriers do have systems that throttle speeds only during times and places of congestion, making it clear that caps are more about creating differentiated pricing tiers than keeping the network running smoothly. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica