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FCC unlocks 3.5GHz CBRS band, enables OnGo in Apple and Android phones

Spectrum in the 3.5GHz band has been selected across the world as ideal for next-generation cellular services, thanks to its combination of reasonably long-distance range and solid chunks of available bandwidth. Within the “low,” “mid,” and “high band” ranges of radio frequencies, 3.5GHz is mid-band spectrum and is already being used for 5G in China, Europe, and South Korea, while the U.S. has focused until now on low and high band 5G frequencies. – Jeremy Horwitz, VentureBeat » https://ift.tt/2tUqUSY

Huawei and ZTE may face new US ban via White House executive order

Specifically, the executive order would allegedly order the U.S. Commerce Department to bar U.S. companies from using parts and equipment from companies that the government believes could pose a national security risk. The order, which reportedly has not been finalized, would use the government’s International Emergency Economic Powers Act as its foundation, which allows the White House to regulate and control commerce in the event of a national emergency. – John Callaham, Android Authority http://bit.ly/2RfEE4x

Verizon will begin testing its blazing-fast 5G wireless network

photo: Mike Mozart, Flickr

Current 4G speeds can rival home Internet connections in many areas. While top speeds vary quite a bit depending on one’s carrier, location, and device, average 4G speeds are typically around 10 times as high as those found on 3G. Most 4G users enjoy speeds of over 10 Mbps, which is enough for HD video streaming and impressively fast app downloads. […] The company’s 5G network tests have shown speeds between 30 and 50 times faster than 4G. That’s faster than almost any home cable or fiber Internet connection. It rivals even the almighty Google Fiber service for raw speed. – Mike Wehner, The Daily Dot

5G Network with 1TB Download Speed Coming Soon

photo: TechWorm

Explaining the working of 5GIC, [Professor Rahim Tafazolli] said that it had been researching on the latest technologies which can support 5G services. The technological innovations meant that the research team had been able to achieve the 1TBps results. “We have developed 10 more breakthrough technologies and one of them means we can exceed 1TBps wirelessly. This is the same capacity as fibre optics but we are doing it wirelessly,” he told [V3 Enterprise Mobility Summit]. – Vijay Prabhu, Techworm

5G pilots to kick off in Estonia next year

Estonian mobile operator EMT is set to start piloting 5G in the second half of next year. […] Ahead of the rollout, EMT staffers visited Ericsson’s innovation studio in Stockholm to test out the company’s first 5G networking kit, which will theoretically enable download speeds of up to 100Gbps. Estonian testers saw real-world speeds of up to 4.4Gbps. […] In January the company also started to offer new mobile data packages with no limits on connection speed (depending on where the user is, they could theoretically reach 300Mbps for downloads and 50Mbps for uploads) with data allowances of either 1.5G , 5GB, 10GB, or 20GB a month. The cost varies from €7.49 ($8.47) to €22.99 ($26.01) per month. – Kalev Aasmae, ZDNet
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FCC starts the process for making ‘5G’ gigabit mobile data a reality

[T]he Federal Communications Commission has begun the process to push into 5G for mobile data. The government’s communications council voted unanimously to start looking into accessing the higher-than-24GHz frequency spectrum that was previously thought to be, as Reuters notes, unusable by mobile networks. […] However, these waves only work over short distances for now and require line of sight for their point-to-point microwave connections. And that, my friends, is what the FCC is hoping to fix in the interim. What the vote means is that the groundwork is being laid, and research to make sure the tech is actually feasible now has the green light. – Timothy J. Seppala,Engadget 
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