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Comcast found a way to raise other cable companies’ prices, rivals say

The issue relates to Comcast’s ownership of regional sports networks that are marketed under the brand of Comcast’s NBC subsidiary. Comcast wants to redefine the so-called “minimum penetration policy,” essentially making it impossible for small cable companies to sell a cheap, basic tier of TV service that doesn’t include higher-priced channels, the ACA alleged. – Jon. Brodkin, Ars Technica http://ift.tt/2wQqNny

Smaller Cable Companies Concerned About AT&T/DirecTV Merger’s Impact On Prices For Regional…

The American Cable Association represents several hundred smaller cable operators around the country, and in a filing with the FCC about the AT&T/DirecTV merger, the ACA raises concerns that the merged company would have “an increased incentive to charge greater fees” to pay-TV providers whose biggest — and sometimes only — competition is from satellite providers like AT&T. – Chris Morran, The Consumerist