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How to Make Your Music Streaming App Sound Better

For a rough estimate, an MP3 file usually transmits 128–192 Kbps. On the other hand, a FLAC file usually transmits 1411 kilobits of data per second. The difference is massive, and hence, a FLAC file is much larger than an MP3 file. – Mihir Patkar, Make Use Of http://ift.tt/2otihLd

The ACC’s Digital Opportunity

[A]s audiences migrate to Web forms and lose interest in passive TV, the model which has allowed bundling, multiple sports networks and unending rate increases, what are the long-term prospects for single conference networks? We’d say murky at best, and not just because young people are developing radically different video habits. […] Does this remind you of anything? Like maybe the music industry just before the digital tsunami swept over it? That said, while traditional TV is losing ground, no one has yet figured out how to move sports online while maintaining the extraordinary revenue TV sports generate. – JD King, SB Nation http://ift.tt/1lImqx7