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FuboTV Launches Free, Ad-Supported Streaming Sports Network

On Thursday, the company is soft-launching the Fubo Sports Network: a live, free-to-consumer TV network for U.S. sports fans offering event coverage, news, and exclusive programming. As part of the initiative, fuboTV is developing its first slate of original content, which it’s rolling out in stages. – Todd Spangler, Variety » https://ift.tt/2Xzt5br

Free streaming is smallest slice of music revenue pie

The major record labels reaped a combined $295 million in revenue from free ad-supported streaming services in 2014, up 34 percent from the previous year, new figures show. Despite the double-digit growth, the freemium model remains the smallest slice of the nearly $2 billion streaming pie, according to a report from the Recording Industry Association of America. […] The number of US paid subscriptions rose to 7.7 million in 2014, up from 6.2 million, and still a fraction of the 115 million households in the US. – Claire Atkinson, New York Post
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Popcornflix achieves 4.5 million downloads on Roku

Popcornflix has logged a popularity milestone: the ad-supported over-the-top (OTT) service has seen more than 4.5 million downloads combined for the Popcornflix, FrightPix and Popcornflix Kids channels on the Roku platform. […] Popcornflix, FrightPix and Popcornflix Kids offer access to thousands of full-length films and popular TV programmes, including recent movies like Monster, cartoon classics like Popeye, mockumentary comedies like Trailer Park Boys and TV shows like the Man Show, The Big Comfy Couch, bio-science thriller ReGenesis and Mystery Science Theater 3000. – Michelle Clancy,Rapid TV News
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Amazon gains ground on Netflix, denies free ad-supported streaming service

Update: In a letter to Engadget, Amazon.com stresses that it “has not announced any plans to offer an ad-supported streaming service,” but stops short of claiming it has no plans to implement one in the future. In the statement, Amazon clarifies that it does offer the first episode of many titles for free, and that it is always experimenting with new ways to serve its customers, but the company made it clear that it would not humor speculation of a free version of its streaming video service. – Caleb Denison,Digital Trends
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Amazon plans a streaming-video alternative

[Amazon.com] will roll out a new ad-supported streaming offering early next year that will be separate from its $99-a-year Prime membership, which includes a video service, sources said. The ad-supported option — part of an overhaul of its media offerings — poses a serious challenge to streaming rivals such as Hulu and Netflix, analysts said. […] For advertisers, the service could be the Holy Grail in terms of targeting . In theory, Amazon could tell if ads viewed online led to purchases on its retail site. – Claire Atkinson,New York Post 
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Sony eyes ad-supported music streaming warily after Taylor Swift’s Spotify freak out

Streaming is becoming an increasingly popular way to consume music, and Sony says it is “very encouraged with the pay streaming model.” Approximately 27 million people worldwide pay for streaming subscriptions, Sony says, and the company is focused on helping that number grow. Free tiers are a great way to bring in new users on the surface. At least a fraction of those listeners will eventually pay a monthly fee for ad-free streaming and other paid features, such as unrestricted mobile listening or Uber integration. And free tiers work well for monetizing listeners who would turn to pirated torrents if services like Spotify weren’t around. – Ian Paul,PCWorld
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YouTube ‘Optimistic’ Its Music Streaming Service Will Launch ‘Soon’

The long wait continues for YouTube’s much-discussed music streaming service. CEO Susan Wojcicki told a tech panel on Monday that they’re still “working” on the Google unit’s answer to Spotify, and she declined to say whether the service would launch by year’s end, as previously expected. […] YouTube had originally planned to launch its on-demand music streaming service late last year, but pushed it back because they wanted to “get it right,” an exec told Billboard at the time. Via contracts signed by Google, YouTube has all the necessary licenses with major labels in order to operate a paid service. Wojcicki also revealed that YouTube is considering offering a paid subscription service on its video platform that would give users the option of skipping ads. Hulu offers a paid subscription, but incorporates what it calls a “modest ad load” while watching in order to keep the price below $8 dollars. – Marc Schneider,Billboard
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