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Forget Cable: You’ll Be Streaming Live TV in the Near Future

A growing number of options for streaming video is bad news for traditional pay-TV companies. [CEO Les Moonves,CBS] seems convinced that streaming and a la carte are the future of television. Both CBS and Showtime, which CBS owns, have a la carte streaming options, which include the archives of both networks. And he believes a deal with Apple is probable for the future, and all the major networks are reportedly in talks with Apple as well. Cable operators may need to push for slimmer bundles — as some already have — and the rights to stream content over the Internet both in and out of the home to compete with live streaming from major tech companies or rogue networks like CBS. – Adam Levy, The Motley Fool

Another Setback in Streaming: Sling TV Can’t Handle March Madness

Some hoops fans who signed up to get their live sports fix from Dish Network’s new Sling TV streaming service were disappointed Saturday night when they couldn’t view the NCAA Men’s Basketball Semifinals because of shoddy service. Sling TV seemingly couldn’t handle the number of viewers trying to watch the games, which points to one of the biggest obstacles facing streaming services: content distribution. […] In the past, a few hiccups in a streaming service were no big deal and only somewhat noteworthy. But as households cut the cord in favor of services such as Sling TV or the upcoming HBO Now, streaming reliability is coming more into focus and could impact a consumer’s decision on whether to ditch the cable company. – Adam Levy, The Motley Fool

Why a Music Streaming Service Makes No Sense for Twitter

A music streaming service will not provide unique content; it doesn’t take advantage of Twitter’s real-time public distribution platform; it doesn’t take advantage of existing partnerships with the media; it doesn’t provide a superior monetization model. Clearly, the weaknesses outweigh the strengths. – CFO Anthony Noto,Twitter via Adam Levy,The Motley Fool  
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Why Music Streaming Hasn’t Stopped Vinyl Sales

2014 is the year of streaming music. In the first half of 2014, on-demand music streaming increased 42%, with audio-only streams (i.e., no YouTube videos) increasing 50.1%, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That’s an acceleration over last year, when streaming saw a 24% increase in the same period. On‐demand streams surpassed 70 billion songs in the first six months of 2014, according to Nielsen. The rise of streaming has come at the cost of CDs and, more notably, digital downloads. But vinyl continues to grow, and grow quickly. Vinyl sales increased over 40% in the first half of the year, accelerating from a 33.5% increase in the same period last year. […] Vinyl is still a very small part of the market, accounting for just 1.8% of album unit sales. Streaming accounted for 20.6% of unit sales based on Nielsen’s equivalent album rate of 1,500 streams to one album. Vinyl’s growth is more of a threat to CD sales than it is to digital formats. – Adam Levy,The Motley Fool
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