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New Adventure Time Specials Coming to HBO Max in 2020

The first two, BMO and Obsidian, are set to premiere on the streaming service next year with the latter two — Wizard City and Together Again — following. It sounds like there might not be an official premiere window for the final two specials set quite yet, and none of Adventure Time: Distant Lands has a specific release date. – Rollin Bishop, ComicBook.com » https://ift.tt/31GB7Nu [photo: Cartoon Network/HBO Max]

Bee And PuppyCat makes its full series debut on YouTube

Bee and Puppycat is the brainchild of Natasha Allegri, the former Adventure Time writer and artist who created the gender-swapped Fionna and Cake. It features the misadventures of Bee, a chronically unemployable and incredibly enthusiastic twenty-something, and PuppyCat, some sort of inter-dimensional being that suddenly finds himself living with Bee. The duo take on temp jobs from PuppyCat’s otherworldly employers, where they end up battling monsters with badass sword fights and an emotionally affecting story. – Rob Dean,The A.V. Club
(Full Story: http://avc.lu/1wCo2Sz )