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This Is How Comcast Is Astroturfing the Net Neutrality Issue

Yesterday, […] the American Enterprise Institute’s Richard Bennett, wrote a story for leading tech website Gigaom in favor of the FCC’s new Net neutrality rules. Bennett did not reveal the Institute’s relationship with Comcast at any point within the piece. Comcast and its cable lobby partners spent over $70 million in the last decade lobbying for the new net neutrality rules that would allow them to create a slow lane on the web, charge more for tiered services, and artificially slow traffic to competitors. […] [T]he Institute’s most read stories on Net neutrality clearly favor the FCC’s new plan for a regulated Internet. One, titled “Time to give up the Net neutrality quest” was reprinted in The Wall Street Journal’s Opinion section. Another, titled “Net neutrality is a bad idea that’s run its course,” was reprinted on RealClearMarkets.com. Neither Bennett nor the publication discloses his employer’s ties to Comcast in either piece, but both identify the American Enterprise Institute next to his byline. – Ben Collins,Esquire  http://ift.tt/1sy7wlE