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Comcast, Time Warner Cable & Al Sharpton Slammed With $20B “Racist Policies” Lawsuit

Similar to the $10 billion suit the NAAAOM and Entertainment Studios filed against AT&T and DirecTV last year, this latest legal action claims Comcast deliberately doesn’t currently work with or carry “100 % African American–owned media” despite promises to do so. It also alleges that the cable giant uses a “Jim Crow” process in allowing African-American channels on its service. “Comcast has reserved a few spaces for 100% African American–owned media in the ‘back of the bus’ while the rest of the bus is occupied by white-owned media companies,” the compliant that Louis Miller, Amnon Siegel and Lauren Wright of LA firm Miller Bardondess LLP filed last week. “This is the epitome of racial discrimination in contracting.” – Dominic Patten,Deadline Hollywood
(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1LytpYZ )