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Amazon Fire TV Firmware Update Bricks Rooted Devices, Prevents Rollback To Previous Firmware Versions

You can buy it but you can’t own it. Digital goods remind us of this fact all the time. But physical goods? Those should be ours. But somehow, they often aren’t, especially if the company behind the product is trying oh so hard to lock customers into a closed ecosystem. […] Techdirt reader techflaws sends in this link to Amazon’s Fire TV firmware updates, hosted at AFTVnews, a site dedicated to (and run by) Fire TV aficionados. Alongside the expected bug fixes and features list is the following warning:

“Self destruct” eFuse added to kernel which gets triggered if an older bootloader is used. This means Fire TVs that update to stock can never be downgraded, even if a method to root them is discovered.

So, while there are workarounds available now (as well as custom firmware developed by the enthusiasts at XDA Forums), there’s been nothing official released by Amazon. The message is clear: play within the walls of our garden or GTFO. – Tim Cushing,Techdirt

(Full Story: http://ift.tt/1IfPsCZ )

Amazon Demands Rights To Fire TV Web Address With Cease And Desist To Site Owner |…

If you were unaware, through the release of the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire Phone, Amazon has trademarked the word “Fire”, and thus has sent out a cease and Desist letter through email to the owner of a dedicated fan site about the Amazon Fire TV. The website, currently called FireTVNews.com [now, http://www.aftvnews.com ] , has been requested by Amazon to hand over the rights to the domain within a 1-week period. – Justin Diaz,Androidheadlines.com http://ift.tt/1twUsuh