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United States Hosts Most Pirate Sites, UK Crime Report Finds

The latest UK IP Crime Report reveals that significant progress is being made in the fight against online piracy but still many challenges remain. One of the main problems traces back to U.S. hosting companies, who according to the report give shelter to most of the investigated pirate sites. […] The report notes that as in previous years, Hollywood-funded industry group FACT remains one of the key drivers of anti-piracy efforts in the UK. Over the past year they’ve targeted alleged pirate sites though various channels, including their hosting providers. Not all hosts are receptive to FACT’s complaints though, and convincing companies that operate abroad is often a challenge. This includes the United States where the majority of the investigated sites are hosted. – Ernesto,TorrentFreak
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Buenos Aires Issues ‘Netflix Tax’ on Streaming Media Subscriptions

A 3 percent income gross tax was announced in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Wednesday on foreign companies offering “online subscription services with access to films, TV shows, and other types of audiovisual entertainment broadcasted through the Internet on TV sets, computers and other devices connected to the Internet,” […] Although the resolution doesn’t specify which companies will be affected, the tax, which quickly echoed on Twitter as a “Netflix Tax” could reportedly be charged on services like Amazon Instant Video, Spotify, and iTunes, as well as games purchased on Facebook and online stores for Xbox and Playstation. – Agustin Mango,The Hollywood Reporter
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