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As Apple Moves Into Streaming, Netflix Kills Support for AirPlay

As Cult of Mac noted, Netflix streaming via AirPlay—namely, using the feature to stream video from the iOS app to an Apple TV—has been supported since 2013, and there doesn’t appear to have been any major revisions to AirPlay that would in and of themselves break Netflix compatibility. Thus there is some suspicion that Netflix is retaliating against Apple, which is launching a streaming service that includes deals with many major competitors, not including Netflix. Cult of Mac noted that iPhone and iPad users can still use workarounds, including sending video to a Chromecast or TV supporting Netflix 2nd Screen, or just connecting their devices directly to a screen with an HDMI cable via an adapter. – Tom McKay, Gizmodo » http://bit.ly/2uQDKi0

Vizio starts testing SmartCast 3.0 with AirPlay 2 support

Since the platform’s adding support for the second version of AirPlay, you’ll be able beam media to multiple devices. You’ll also be able to mirror content you can’t cast, such as web pages, on a bigger screen. Meanwhile, the addition of HomeKit support means you’ll be able to control a SmartCast TV — switch it on and off, change volumes and even ask Siri to play shows — using an iPhone or an iPad. – Mariella Moon, Engadget » https://engt.co/2G4nalt

Apple is putting iTunes and AirPlay on Samsung TVs

Samsung TV owners will be able to stream their iTunes movie and TV show library directly through their smart TV interface without the need of an Apple TV. The iTunes app will be coming to existing 2018 Samsung TVs after a firmware update and will be included on 2019 Samsung TV models as well. The TVs will also serve as AirPlay receivers that will allow iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices to wirelessly stream content to the TVs. – AFTVnews http://bit.ly/2CTi5ui

Epix Cast offers an easy way for viewers to stream movies to their connected TVs

Epix Cast, which allows you to find a movie in the mobile Epix app and then play it on your TV, even if the app hasn’t been installed on that TV. […] EPIX says the feature works with smart TV models from LG, Sony, Vizio and other manufacturers, as well as Google Chromecast and Sony’s Internet-connected Blu-ray players. The company also plans to add support for Samsung smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, TiVo and Xbox. – Anthony Ha, TechCrunch http://tcrn.ch/2p9lv1Q

Google Play Movies & TV for iOS Gets AirPlay Streaming

Google on Friday updated the iOS version of its Play Movies & TV app with support for AirPlay streaming via the Apple TV. This means you can now watch all those movies and TV shows in your Google Play account on your HDTV using the Apple TV. Previously, the app only let you beam content to the big screen with Google’s Chromecast device. Note that the Apple TV playback feature is only available on third- and fourth-generation Apple TV devices running Apple TV Software 7.0 or higher. – Angela Moscaritolo, PC Mag

Google Launches ‘Google Cast’ for Audio Streaming as AirPlay Alternative With a Twist

While Google Cast at first glance appears similar to Apple’s AirPlay in that it is a standard available to speaker manufacturers to ensure support for wireless audio streaming, Google Cast speakers stream content from the cloud rather than directly from the control device. As a result, Google promises users will receive the best sound quality and can multitask on their devices without disturbing the streams. – Mitchel Broussard, MacRumors
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Qualcomm’s Streaming Dock Turns Your Phone Into a PC

The dream of the Android PC lives. At Qualcomm‘s Snapdragon 810 demo event in New York, one of the chipmaker’s more surprising products was a little streaming stick and a dock that, together, connect your phone to a TV or turn it into a desktop computer. […] The point of the demo, really, was to show off Qualcomm’s 802.11ac and new 802.11ad streaming capabilities. The new 802.11ad standard, formerly known as WiGig, is a short-distance, high-speed protocol that uses the 60GHz band. It should solve the stuttering and network congestion problems we’ve seen with Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi-based Miracast and Apple’s AirPlay streaming. – Sascha Segan,PCMag
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The Best Media Streaming Devices

Chromecast isn’t as self contained as an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but it’s so much cheaper, and allows unfettered access to YouTube that you won’t find on any other device. Ever notice how some YouTube videos can’t be watched on a phone or tablet, or on the Xbox or PlayStation’s native YouTube app? That’s because, for one reason or another, YouTube has blocked access to that content on mobile/game consoles. Casting from a laptop allows you to sidestep that […] Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s answer to the Roku 3 and the Apple TV. It has one killer feature that sets it apart from the pack: voice search. Because nobody likes an on-screen keyboard, it makes it simple and even a little fun to search for movies and TV to watch. […] It’s really not worth buying unless you have Prime, but Prime is totally worth having. […] The Roku 3 isn’t the most stylish box on this list, but it has everything else going for it. Unlike every other company in this list (Apple, Google, Amazon) Roku isn’t in the business of selling episodes of anything or getting you to sign up for any sort of monthly subscription. It just wants to sell you a little purple box with a remote that plugs you into a huge library of video content, where every service is granted equal footing. – Alex Roth,IGN.com

Alternatives To Cable TV: Apple TV | Get Rid of Cable – Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month!

If you are someone that owns numerous Apple devices and are committed to the Apple ecosystem Apple TV will easily integrate with everything else. With Airplay, iTunes, and home sharing you will have more than enough access to all of your Apple device content and if that is what is important to you then you will probably enjoy the Apple TV as an alternative to cable TV. However in my opinion that is the one, and only one place the Apple TV is better than the Roku 3. – Chris M. Walker, getridofcable.net  
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