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The Best Media Streaming Devices

Chromecast isn’t as self contained as an Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV, but it’s so much cheaper, and allows unfettered access to YouTube that you won’t find on any other device. Ever notice how some YouTube videos can’t be watched on a phone or tablet, or on the Xbox or PlayStation’s native YouTube app? That’s because, for one reason or another, YouTube has blocked access to that content on mobile/game consoles. Casting from a laptop allows you to sidestep that […] Amazon Fire TV is Amazon’s answer to the Roku 3 and the Apple TV. It has one killer feature that sets it apart from the pack: voice search. Because nobody likes an on-screen keyboard, it makes it simple and even a little fun to search for movies and TV to watch. […] It’s really not worth buying unless you have Prime, but Prime is totally worth having. […] The Roku 3 isn’t the most stylish box on this list, but it has everything else going for it. Unlike every other company in this list (Apple, Google, Amazon) Roku isn’t in the business of selling episodes of anything or getting you to sign up for any sort of monthly subscription. It just wants to sell you a little purple box with a remote that plugs you into a huge library of video content, where every service is granted equal footing. – Alex Roth,IGN.com