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Here are 5 award-winning webseries you’ve never heard of

  1. Destroy The Alpha Gammas: If Glee and Grease were to mate, with a touch of college sophomore attitude, you would have this familiar-yet-fun, singing/dancing webseries[.]
  2. Often Awesome The Series, An ALS Love Story: [T]ells the touching and wonderfully human, uplifting story of Timothy LaFollete and his wife Kaylan Szafranski in their battle with Timothy’s shocking ALS diagnosis.
  3. Universal Dead: D. B. Sweeney, [sic] ventures forth with his post-apocalyptic military squadron to visit the secret hiding place for a colony of walking dead.
  4. The Fuzz: The 15-part series is a mad video scientist’s mashup of the play Avenue Q, the Muppets, and Jimmy Kimmel’s classic Crank Yankers series.
  5. Libres: [A] politically charged story of a group of seven people who go to live in an abandoned village, where they attempt to bring social change through such efforts as launching a community farm.

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This service is practically a must-have if you want to ditch cable

After spending two full days on a Sling TV and over-the-air diet, the story is less about what the service is now and more about what it can be as it evolves. Cloud TV is meant to be a complement to Netflix and Hulu Plus, but adding both of those premium services brings the monthly total to $35.98 or $36.98 depending on when you signed up for Netflix. Purchasing all three might provide a well-rounded cordless package, but it also yields a lot of duplication and no premium channels such as HBO or Showtime. At this point, consumers still need a cable or satellite subscription to stream those pay networks. – Allen Weiner, The Daily Dot
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