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Streaming Options Grow But Cable Still Looms Large

As these new offerings illustrate, un-bundling – the holy grail for cord-cutters who’d rather pay for channels a la carte – isn’t likely to become widespread. HBO is one of very few networks with both the viewer demand to make a standalone offering compelling for large numbers of consumers and the deep pockets to provide the necessary customer service and billing infrastructure such a move requires. Channel bundling is largely dictated by the content providers themselves. It’s no coincidence that Sling TV’s lineup includes not just ESPN, but the Disney Channel and ABC Family. They’re all owned by Walt Disney Company. which almost certainly made the inclusion of the latter two networks a requirement for allowing Sling TV to carry ESPN. – Amadou Diallo, Forbes
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Roku Passes 10 Million Mark As Streaming Competition Heats Up

Roku has sold 10 million streaming players in the US, says company CEO Anthony Wood in a blog post today. […] The NPD Group in a recent report estimates that 17% of US Internet households owned a streaming media player as of Q2 2014, a figure they predict will rise to 39% by 2017. […] Sales of 10 million units still places Roku well behind Apple, who this summer boasted of having sold twice that many Apple TVs, even with minimal marketing efforts. Roku has long countered this sales disparity by noting that its users are far more engaged when it comes to actually watching content. Citing NPD survey figures, Roku claims its users are streaming 37 million hours of content per week, compared with just 15 million hours by Apple TV users. – Amadou Diallo,Forbes
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