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75,000 Popcorn Time users will be getting a surprise in the mail this fall

photo: Popcorn TIme

photo: Popcorn Time

Authorities in Norway have told users of the popular pirate streaming service Popcorn Time to expect “a surprise in the mail,” after the Rights Alliance claims it has has gathered data on 51,000-75,000 users of the site. […] The Rights Alliance is legally allowed to monitor people it suspects to be pirating. However, monitoring IP addresses is one thing, it would need to go through the courts to be allowed collaborate with ISPs to obtain the names and addresses behind them. – Amanda Connolly, The Next Web

YouTube Makes Its Trueview Ads More Interactive

This means that marketers will now be able to add more information in overlays on top of their in-stream spots. For YouTube, this makes ads more lucrative as the company can still make money from ads even if people have bypassed them. […] While YouTube has enabled similar features in the past that allowed marketers to display more information on top of their ads, these only ever worked on desktop and were confined to text-only. The new TrueView will feature imagery and be viewable on smartphones, tablets, and eventually on connected TV devices like Apple TV and Chromecast. – Amanda Connolly, The Next Web

MTV is Launching Two New Streaming Apps for TV and Music

MTV Play is a video on demand service that will feature many of MTV’s most popular shows. It will launch on March 5 in Germany, Switzerland and Romania giving users access to more than 1,500 hours of MTV’s TV content, as well as some advance previews. […] MTV Trax is a subscription based music streaming service that is aimed at casual music fans who MTV say may be “put off by the higher price tariffs and complexity of ‘all you can eat’ streaming services.” – Amanda Connolly, The Next Web
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