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Nvidia’s game streaming service launches tomorrow for $7.99 a month

photo: Nvidia, The Verge

Like many streaming services, NVIDIA describes Geforce Now as “the Netflix for games,” though at launch the library leaves quite a bit to be desired, with just over 50 titles available for streaming. In addition to that, however, users will also be able to buy some big, relatively recent games, like the fantasy epic The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Game streaming is available at up to 1080p and 60 frames per second. In addition to games, Nvidia is also hoping to turn the Shield into more of a general entertainment device; today it announced the launch of Spotify, Showtime, and NFL Sunday Ticket apps. – Andrew Webster, The Verge

Gamefly’s Netflix-style game streaming is now on Samsung smart TVs

photo: The Verge

GameFly expanded into streaming not that long ago, with a new service that launched in June. However, it was a relatively limited launch: in order to access the service, you had to use an Amazon Fire TV set-top box. Now the company is moving onto additional hardware by launching on select Samsung smart TVs starting today. […] Gamefly’s service is a bit different from all-you-can-eat streaming services like Netflix: instead of one fixed price that gives you access to all games, Gamefly lets you pay a monthly fee of $6.99 to access a bundle of seven games. Currently the library is relatively limited at around 40 games, but it does include some notable titles like Batman: Arkham Origins and numerous Lego games. – Andrew Webster, The Verge

GameFly’s new streaming service wants to be Netflix for games

GameFly’s streaming service works a bit differently than something like Netflix. Instead of an all-you-can-play assortment of games for a fixed monthly price, users can rent bundles of games for $6.99 a month each. At launch there will be six bundles to choose from, each with seven games, and each based around a particular theme: you can rent a collection of different Lego games, for example, or adventure games like Darksiders or the Arkham series of Batman games. A more premium “gamer pack” is also available, giving you access to 16 games for $9.99 per month. – Andrew Webster, The Verge

This insane $300 Android game controller is also a Transformer

Almost every third-party gamepad you can buy looks remarkably like an Xbox controller — but there’s nothing that looks quite like Mad Catz‘s insane new transforming gamepad. Called the LYNX 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller, the gamepad is designed to work with both your PC and Android devices, and it can change shapes to better suit whatever platform you’re on. – Andrew Webster, The Verge
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